s1454 神代杉 花器 【Jindai cedar flower vase】

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一部にクラックが見られ、外側から補修した形跡が見られます。花器としてご使用の場合は別におとしをご準備ください。 写真のご確認願います。



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商品コード  s1454
サイズ    H 28.0cm   W44.0cm  D35.5
産地               不詳 
素材、材質  杉 
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A piece of cedar wood that has been in the water and soil for a long time is partially processed to look like a vase. It seems to enhance the fresh flowers and plants.

It has a beautiful form with fine grain.

 H 28.0cm   W44.0cm  D35.5

【Condition】It has a crack and it looks it is repaired outside. Please put another water container to use as a flower vase.
Please feel free to contact us for details.

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