s1414  地蔵尊【Jizo curved stone statue】

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長方形形に彫られたお地蔵様。表情は非常に穏やかで、雨風に晒された石の表情には温かみがあります。可ナル舎でも基本的に外での保管ですので、多少の土や薄く緑がかった箇所がございます。 お庭に置いても、室内沖でも豊かな静けさをもたらせてくれるかもしれません。



商品コード :s1414                                                                                 高:31㎝                                                                                        幅:14㎝                                  奥行:11.5㎝                                                                                         在庫:1    


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 Rectangular curved stone Jizo  statue. One of Japanese god.  You can find stone Jizo (Ojizo-san) statue on the street anywhere in Japan even in the center of Tokyo. Jizo's role is to protect children.  Japanese people feel very familiar with Jizo-san. They are closer to Japanese people than other gods in Japan.  It could be used in outside in your garden and inside too as an interior. We keep it in our garden outside usually, therefore it has some dirt and some koke like green part.  It has some chipped part but no cracking. It is in good condition.

H31cm W14cm D11.5cm 


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