j0790.桐衣装箪笥 スタンド付き【Clothing chest lower part with iron legs】

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The original is a clothing chest made in Yamagata Prefecture. We made the legs by iron.
The drawer part is made entirely of paulownia, and the main body (outside) is made of cedarwood. A glossy lacquer is applied on the only outside, giving a different aesthetic sense to the one made by all paulownia.
Antique chest in good condition, with appropriate signs of age and use. With key. There are some cracks on the inside of the backboard and drawer, but they are fixed so that they do not come off.
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商品コード j0790
高さ H 73cm
幅 W 122.5cm
奥行き D 47cm
産地 山形県| Yamagata prefecture
素材、材質 杉・桐|Woods:Cedar, Paulownia
時代 明治期|Era: late 19th - early 20th century