j0827.黒塗棒小箪笥(スタンド付き)【 BLACK SMALL CHEST WITH IRON LEGS】

  • ¥69,300
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  • ¥99,000

We made it higher with an iron stand. It is good height also for small space which is 80cm.
These small tansu with iron stand are popular now.
Both size and price are cute and friendly!


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A small antique chest has a nice patina and in good condition except that the locks disabled. It seems the lock bar was replaced in a later year.
This item is also available at the shop in Fuchu-shi, Tokyo.
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商品コード j0827
高さ H 80cm
幅 W 71.5cm
奥行き D 40cm
素材、材質 杉|Woods: cedar (SUGI)
時代 明治期|Era: late 19th century