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Merchant chest (choba tansu) with smaller wheels made in Toyama area. It is very hard to find chest made in Toyama comparing to chests made in other area like Yomagata, Sendai, Fukushima ans more. Especially merchant chest with wheels is super rare! We have seen some chests from Toyama in 20years, and merchant chest with wheels is almost first time. Even antique dealers in Toyama say that they can’t find chests there easily.
Four narrow horizontal iron plates are characteristics of Toyama chest. This narrow iron plated are also attached on the back vertically.
It is said that making merchant chest with only keyaki is a luxury thing. Many of tansu are mixed with other kind of wood like cedar, paulownia. Keyaki is heavy, dense and very strong wood and it is often used on the front side because of its beautiful grain pattern. Woodworking, metal fittings, back sides an all parts are well-done by real artisan.
The role of metal fittings is not only design but the strength.
●Regarding condition
The condition is good but the panels on the front have some cracks. We think these cracks are possible changes over the years as antique furniture. Please see the pictures below. Two iron fittings are repaired. Locks does not work.

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商品コード j0834
高さ H 116.5cm
幅 W 109cm
奥行き D 56cm
産地 富山|Toyama prefecture
素材、材質 欅|Zelkova
時代 幕末-明治期|Era: late 19th - early 20th century