j0949 三尺衣裳箪笥【 Clothing chest 】

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商品コード j0949
高さ H 89.1cm
幅 W 85.8cm
奥行き D 41.7cm
素材、材質  欅・杉|Woods: Zelkova (outside), Cedar (inside)
時代 明治|Era: late 19th - early 20th century



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 This clothing chest with a width of less than three feet. The simple round metal fittings make this chest not too flashy, but also cute.

About the condition

There are some minor scratches, uneven colors, and cracks in the boards due to the passage of time. The cracks in the drawers and on the backboard are fixed firmly so that the boards will not come off, so there is no problem with using it. Please refer to the pictures for more details. Please feel free to contact us by email.

 Size: H 89.1cm W 85.8cm D 41.7cm


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