j0953 桐衣裳箪笥【 KIRI CLOTHING CHEST 】

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商品コード j0953
高さ H 82.5cm
幅 W 74.0cm
奥行き D 40.1cm
産地 Japan
素材、材質 桐(正面)・杉(その他)|Woods: Paulownia (front ), Cedar (other)
時代 明治|Era: late 19th - early 20th century



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Paulownia wood is popular both in Japan and abroad for its rustic charm.

Please enjoy the contrast between the natural surface of the wood and the decorative hardware.

 Size: H 82.5cm W 74.0cm D 40.1cm

●Condition: One part of the door metal fitting is missing and there are black stains on the front boards. There are also scratches and gaps left by aging but please cherish them as unique characteristics of antiques.

●Please note that due to the store closing sale, there is currently a lot of work involved in refinishing and checking before delivery, so delivery will take place in March of 2021. If you are in a hurry, please contact us in advance.
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