f0239 懸硯 【 KAKESUZURI - portable merchant box 】

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This small box was used by merchants to carry inkstones, brushes, ledgers, money, etc., in what is called portable business goods.

The top cover can be opened by pressing the button on the side. The inkstone's ink marks are still visible, and it is fun to imagine what kind of business negotiations and contracts were held in those days.

Since it has a handle and can be carried, it can be used in various ways, such as moving around the room with sewing tools, writing utensils, and other small items, or placed in a corner of the desk.

Please enjoy your daily life with a box from 100 years ago.

[ About the condition ]
There are some gaps between the boards (backboard and drawers) due to aging and drying, and there are some stains, but there is no serious damage that would interfere with use.
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商品コード f0239
高さ H 25.0cm
幅 W 21.2cm
奥行き D 31.0cm

時代 大正12年|Era: 1923