Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Act

Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Act

Shop Name Japanese antiques Kanarusha online shop
Company Akariya Inc.
Manager Shinsaburo Shibuya

183-0011 1-26-4 SHiraitodai, Fucyu-shi, Tokyo, Japan

(main office: 5-58-1 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)

Phone No.


(mail office:03-3465-5578)

Fax No. 042-310-9305
Email Address
Extra Fee Except Commodity

Please bear delivery fee, handling fee of cash on delivery, and bank remitting charge. Stated price includes taxes. Please see shopping guide about delivery fee, delivery and payment of cash on delivery is on the link below.

Please contact us about shipping to islands and part of place which can be different from the delivery fee list.

Term of Validity The confirmation order date is the day we send confirmation order mail. Please pay in 7days after order confirmation. We cancel when customer do not complete payment in 7days after order confirmation.
Defective Products We deal quickly with defective products which are our fault by refund, exchange, and repair.
There may be possibilities that products have some stains, scratches, and chips which are invisible on pictures, although we check rigidly and mention about conspicuous damages in captions.
Please feel free to contact us by mail or telephone if you are concerned about anything other than we mention in the caption.
We regard products which are clearly different from caption and have damage and problems to use as defective after customers understand the mentioned above.

Please send products back cash on delivery after contacting us first to request cancellation of the order by mail or telephone in 7 days after arrival.
There are cases that we can not accept request of return after 3 days after arrival when products broken during delivery.
Quantity There is a case that some products are sold even though they are not stated “SOLD” or “HOLD” online, since we sell products in both of shop and online shop.
Order confirmation mail is sent to customer automatically, however we contact customer in the case of that ordered product is sold by mail or telephone.
Many of our products have limited quantity because of they are one-of-a-kind. Please feel free to ask us if you look for something similar.。
Size Size of furniture: Stated size does not include metal works on the front or sides of furniture basically, feel free to ask us detailed size.

Size of fitting: Stated size does not include part into Kamoi and Tokubi, Toshita which into doorsill, feel free to ask us detailed size.

Other size: There is a case that size error might happen because warp or uneven surface of antique pruducts.
Handling Date We send in 1 to7days in the case of bank transfer basically. However, please allow us some time when customer order additional repair or we think product need more repair. We contact customer sending date through confirmation order mail or telephone. Please let us know in the case of hurry.
Payment Method

【 Bank transfer 】
Sumitomo Mitsui Bank
Shinjuku Nishiguchi Branch
Ordinary account:  No. 8876664
【 Credit cards 】
VISA / Master / AMEX
【 Cash on delivery 】
(cash on delivery can not be used on some products.)

Payment Due Within 7days from the day of confirmation order. ※ Day of sending confirmation order mail is the day of confirmation order.
Return Due Within 7days from arrival date. We can not accept returns and exchanges on any items over 7days.
Return Delivery Fee In the event that a return is requested by the customer such as “different from I thought”, “sizes do not match”, please pay delivery fee. We pay return delivery fee in the case of broken or wrong products.
Commodity Antiques
License Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission License of secondhand Dealer No. 303338702168