f0225 スタンド付きガラス戸棚 【 Cabinet with iron legs 】

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【状態について】                              経年変化により所々細かなキズがございますがご使用に問題はございません。クリーニングと塗装仕上げなどしっかりと直し済みですのですぐにお使いいただけます。


商品コード f0225
高さ H 123.5cm
幅 W 91.4cm
奥行き D31 cm                                   


時代  昭和|Era: Showa

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It can be used freely as a bookcase, a display shelf, or a cupboard.

The depth of the cabinet is only 31cm, making it easy to place in a limited space without feeling oppressive.

Condition: There are some minor scratches due to age, but there are no problems with use. It has been cleaned and painted, so you can use it right away. The stand is fixed to the cupboard.
If both doors are opened with only light objects in them, there is a risk that the weight of the doors will cause them to fall forward. It is recommended that you open one door at a time or fix it to the wall with L-shaped metal fittings.

 Size: H123.5cm W 91.4cm D 31 cm 

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