j0829.仙台衣裳箪笥【 Sendai clothing chest 】

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仙台地方の衣裳箪笥。もとは夫婦箪笥と呼ばれる一対の内の一つの為、仙台箪笥の中では幅3尺足らず(W 84cm)と小ぶりなサイズ。唐草文様の錠前金具は、大きな太鼓鋲で留められており欅の前板と相まって重厚さを感じさせます。

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Originally, it is one of a pair that is called "MEOTO" a couple of chests, so it is a small size with a width of less than 3 shaku (W 84 cm) in the Sendai chest. The lockwork metal fittings of the arabesque pattern are fastened with large taiko tacks, and together with the front plate of the keyaki, feels like a stately atmosphere.
Antique cabinetry in good condition, indicative of age and usage at some degree such as ink spots inside drawers, some disabled locks and a gap on the backside. With a keys.
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商品コード j0829
高さ H 89cm
幅 W 84cm
奥行き D 55cm
素材、材質 欅・杉|Woods: zelkova( front ), cedar (other)