j0942. 縦残戸棚【 kitchen chest 】

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商品コード j0942

高さ H 70.3cm
幅 W 142.5㎝
奥行き D 41㎝        


素材、材質  杉|Woods:  Cedar
時代  |Era: early 20c.

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The original mizuya-dansu may have been stacked in the upper and lower sections. We have just received one of them. It has a massive frame, and its height of 70cm is just the right size to be used as a sideboard in the living room. If you have a large entrance, you can use it as a shoebox.

The door panel, with its simple vertical line design, comes in a subdued dark brown color and has a presence that has been polished by time. It has a good storage capacity and is highly recommended.

About the condition
There are gaps and small scratches on the board that has appeared with age, but there is no damage that would interfere with use.
 There are some gaps inside the drawer and backside, but there is no damage that would hinder its use. Those boards are fixed so that they will not come off.
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Size: H 70.3cm  W142.5㎝  D41㎝
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