j0944 欅車箪笥【 KURUMA TANSU - wheeled merchant chest 】

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商品コード j0944
高さ H 84.0cm
幅 W 94.5cm
奥行き D 55.0cm
産地   山形県米沢地方|Yonezawa area, Yamagata prefecture, Japan
素材、材質 欅(正面)・杉(その他)|Woods: Zelkova (front ), Cedar (other)
時代 明治|Era: late 19th - early 20th century



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This is a Yonezawa Kuruma-dansu, about 95cm wide.

It is a luxurious piece of furniture, made from the finest zelkova wood. The construction and design of the Kuruma-dansu, which also serves a practical purpose unique to Japan, has a charm that makes you want to keep it at hand, not to mention as a piece of zelkova furniture or antique furniture.

The size is about three feet, and zelkova ones are rare. It is a size that is easy to incorporate into an interior.

 Size: H 84.0cm W 94.5cm D 55.0cm

About the condition
There are some small scratches, uneven colors, and crack due to aging, but there is no damage that would be a problem in use. 

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