j0959 庄内衣裳箪笥 スタンド付き【 SHONAI clothing chest with metal stand 】

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大きな壁面には上段部分【 j0958】と横並びのレイアウトもお勧めです。



商品コード j0959

高さ H75.0cm
幅 W85.2㎝
奥行き D42.2㎝        


産地  山形県| Fukushima prefecture
素材、材質   杉|Woods: Cedar
時代  大正|Era:  Taisho

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 This is a Shonai CⅬothing Chest of Drawers with snowflake-shaped lock fittings.
If you look closely, you can see auspicious motifs such as plum blossoms and cranes and turtles carved into the lock fittings, conveying the spirit of celebrating the happy day.
The original was a two-tiered chest, but we added a stand to the lower part of the chest, making it an easy piece of furniture to match various interiors.

There are two small drawers in the lower-right door, which are useful for storing small items.

For a large wall, we recommend a side-by-side layout with the upper section [j0958].

【 About the condition 】                              
There are some minor scratches and warping due to the passage of time, as well as gaps created by the drying process. Please enjoy it as the texture of the age. The board is firmly fastened and the working part is adjusted before delivery so that it will not be a problem for use. The stand can be removed. The stand can be easily removed by lifting the chest, as it is dropped into the iron frame.

The key has been made only for the part of the lock that has no damage to the internal structure.


 Size: H75.0cm W85.8㎝ D42.2㎝ 

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