k0395.鯉滝登図金蒔絵角樽形花見重 【Gold lacquer hanami bento set with carp design】

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角型が多い花見重。 角樽にみる大胆なデザイン、その上に図柄を施す高い蒔絵の技術力には目を見張ります。



全体的にキズ、擦れ等も非常に少なく状態は良好ですが、二段目の酒器の一部に薄く亀裂が入っています。また外側は植物を描くラインのそばに入っており、特に見えづらい印象かと思います。 ◯で箇所を示した写真をよくご確認ください。状態等についてお気軽にお問合せください。

商品コード k0395
高さ H30cm
幅 W17.5cm
奥行き D19.5cm
素材、材質 木材、漆 wood, lacquer


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Hanamiju, gold lacquered hanami picnic set with carp water fall climbing design. Carp is finished with takamakie, lacquer is thicker.
Shape is based on tsunodaru, one type of sake barrel. Tusno means horn and taru(daru) means barrel.
Many of Hanamiju are square type, but this one is dynamic design of sake barrel. Lacquer technique is high even though this was made in Taisho to Showa period.

Top container is for food, two containers on the second are for sake and the bottom is for sake.
Insides are bright vermilion color and they are very good condition, almost look unused.

Conadition is very good overeall but there is one subtle crack on one sake cup. Pleaese see the picture very well and feel free to ask us more information about condition.
It has black lacquered nice box but not an original.

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